Monday, January 5, 2015

2015: Challenging Oneself or CLIP

Welcome to 2015 here at Fortunately The Next Day!  Instead of getting wrapped up in resolutions and such, we’re just going to use this year to plunge into things.  2015 will be the year of “Challenging Oneself”.
2015: Challenging Life Improvements with Purpose (CLIP)
Challenge number 1: Money Plans!  First thing will be starting all the necessary savings accounts for the end of the year – Christmas, travel, etc.  To do this, I’m going to use the 52 week challenge to save the money.  Week 1: $52; Week 2: $51; Week 3: $50 and so forth until the final week is a dollar.  Well at least that’s the basic plan, I think once I get down to 20 bucks, I’ll just hold at that number and put in 20 dollars every week until the final week.  That should leave a healthy Christmas fund.  I’m hoping DH will agree to do a similar fund and we might even be able to squeeze in a little trip.  Who knows?  I have also wondered about doing something similar to this with my 401k. (I can hear the financial planning sorts freaking out over the internet!)  I said might, guys!  I have to see if it would make a big difference in our available funds.  After all this year is going to be costly for us, which leads to our…

Challenge number 2: Operation TTC is back on!  And it’s not cheap.  So around April, I want to have enough saved up to start the processes again without worry.  This will involve not using my tax refund for anything else.  (Which will be hard because we want to replace the deck with composite and do some fixes in the basement.)  I’m praying that things go much better this time since I am working hard already on…

Challenge number 3: My health!  This year will be getting back on track with my weight, sleep schedule and exercise in general.  No more excuses or wallowing in guilt or grief.  Life is passing me by and I want to enjoy it, not endure it.  So the starting step in this will be the monthly health challenges I will post about here.  I will also be on searches for healthy recipes that the kids will also eat.  The funniest comment from the teenage boy over the holidays was during dinner when vegetables were served, “Are we on a diet?”  I replied no.  “Then why are we eating vegetables?”  I am on a mission to change the family outlook (well mostly the stepkids) that vegetables are only for the dieting.  Less junk and sugar in 2015!  I am going to also include exercise and sleep challenges over the next 12 months.  It’s easy to develop bad habits in many areas but only focus correcting one or two.  Health is so much more than a number on a scale or calories burned.  Which leads to…
Challenge number 4:  Improving Mental, Spiritual, and Emotional Well Being!  I separated this from general health because it’s a more delicate and personal area for each of us.  This will involve committing time to specific people in your life dedicated only to connecting with those people; enriching your mental sharpness; and lastly but most important of all the rest – adding daily focus time for spiritual growth and maintenance.  For me this means spending more time with people I love one on one.  It also means working my graphic design business purposefully and possibly taking some classes (if there is time).  Lastly, I plan to take time every day and revive my "Chats with God".

Four challenges for 2015 – not goals or resolutions.  Goals and resolutions are things you can fail to achieve and then cause a domino effect of emotions that usually don’t help.  Challenges are ongoing opportunities to try again and improve on your last performance.  If week one is a struggle, week two can only get better and easier, right?  By the end of the year, these challenges will be less about the struggle and more about satisfaction in oneself for perservering!
So let’s go 2015!

Now that I've posted the first challenge for 2015, I'm sharing a blank challenge card for you to use.  If you want to create your own personal challenges vice the ones I'm posting, here's a tool to help.

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