Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cool House Design Idea #1: Hidden Doorways and Passages

I love old houses.  I like the idea of hidden rooms and secret passages.  (Spider and spector free, thank you very much) 

Mostly I like the cleverness of it all.

Recently there's been a return to some of these things, mostly for hiding storage areas and the like - but they are worth mentioning.  Check out these pictures!

There are a number of sellers of hidden doors, cabinets, etc. Here are a few I have bookmarked (because I am planning to put one in somewhere if it kills me... or my hubby :)

They also have vendors that make stairs that lift and more. Here's a couple links to some crazy inventive passageway ideas:

You may never need a hiding place, like Anne Frank, but it sure wouldn't hurt to be prepared, right?

Friday, March 7, 2014

Breaking News: I can post again!

Due to technical issues, I have been unable to log in to post to my blog.  This is frustrating because I have had so much to tell you guys!  You've missed the drama of our house search, finally narrowing down our choices, and the big decision... so, now you get to enjoy the fun part.

First, we are in the final closing process portion of the deal.  It's nerve-wracking waiting for the bank or mortgage lender or realtor or someone to call with good / bad / ANY news.  Come March 31, however, if God wills it, my husband and I will own our first home together. 

It's pretty great and while imperfect (there are some things we're going to work on - more on that in another post), it's got so much potential it was a no-brainer.  Now we're (and by we - I mean me) are pouring over ideas for making the house OUR home. 

I am not looking forward to the 4-6 weeks of rentback the current owners have requested, but it will help with the double mortgage issue AND frankly, it's not that big a deal.  We get time to make plans, contact contractors, scope out supplies and deals, and apply to the HOA for certain projects - like the installation of a fence.

We have to have a fence.  Especially since, as of 2 weeks ago, we have not just one but two little dogs to love.  Lola and her new little brother (we wanted a girl, but we love Teddy Bear - so boy it is!) seem to be coming to terms.  Lola still is a little miffed at having someone messing with her stuff, but she's holding her own.  We give her lots of extra love and attention.  Teddy is a little ball of energy at 1 year old and adopting him was a good decision.

As for work and the TTC front, there's not much movement to tell you guys.  Just keep praying for a miracle.

Now, on to more positive potentials:  I have been changing my eating and activity habits in the last two weeks.  Little changes, one at a time, that I think I can sustain.  The goal is to get me out of sedentary lifestyle and mindless consumption.  The progress is slow but I feel this is something I can sustain!  No more diets and exercise plans that I give up on the second I fail - now, like changing my wardrobe choices - I'm adapting my life for who I am right now and what I can truly commit to... YAY!

How have YOU been?

This is a Test

Due to technical difficulties, this is a test post to see if I fixed what's broken.