Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CLIP: January 2015 21 Day Challenge

So it's January and I figured we'd start with a simple challenge (Hah!) regarding discipline.  This challenge is food related, so the first question everyone has asked me is "How much am I supposed to lose on this?"  Well, there's no specific answer to that because that's not what the challenge is about.  Mind you, it's almost a guaranteed result for most people, but since it's not the specific intent there's no definitive answer.  The point of the exercise is to challenge yourself to give up a list of edible indulgences and implement some generally healthy habits for 21 days.

Now, as with all the challenges, the week following the challenge is your week to relax and let go of the restrictions.  You can review the previous 21 days and decide if you want to keep any of your new routine and habits long term.  Even if continuing the changes is not for you, you can honestly say you've truly given it a try.  Perhaps you'll have ideas to adapt the challenge and apply it to your life in a way that WILL work or at a minimum learned new things about yourself.  The potential benefits of each challenge are endless and all in what you choose to do with them.

So the first challenge is (and this is what I'm calling it, nothing official):
Cut it Out!

As you can see I'm starting this Jan 10th, so it can end at the end of the month and give you the first month of February off.  Also, there are several holidays in this time frame so you can have more time to work this challenge at home... away from the general public... cause you might be grumpy at times.
I will.
At any rate, I'm excited to see if I can actually DO this.  Giving up white bread, chips, soda, juice, ice cream is a piece of cake for me.  Mmm....cake... yeah so it's the cake, cookies, and chocolate along with the not eating within 3 hours of bedtime that are going to kick my rear end.  But if I can do this for 21 days then it gives me a serious leg up on continuing to control my sugar intake (one of my personal battles).  Each of us will be different.  Some people look at this list and say, I can give up any of that - no problem.  But can you do it for 21 days straight?  It's much longer than you realize.  It requires planning to make sure you eat at consistent times or you end up going to bed later than you'd like.  Fruits and Veggies require regular grocery visits, cleaning and preparation.  If you can't have soda or juice, what will you have?  I am giving up Iced Tea in lieu of soda and juice, as I don't drink them now, but I'm good with just having flavored water.
So here you go, your first challenge for 2015.  Are you in?

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