Monday, November 24, 2014

10 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 7

Y'all it's a quarter to midnight and I almost forgot to post this!  Not that forgetting isn't allowed, I'm human, but I'm excited to share with you how much this has changed stuff for me.  Today was one of those harrowing days at work where stuff just kept coming.  Normally, I would have been one angry elf all day - but not today.  Instead I had this pit of calm and peace and general happy to pull from, enough so that others commented on it.  The only real difference I can point to is this daily acknowledgement of the happy in my life.  I love it!  OK, onward...

10 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 7

Day 1: Me!
Day 2: My Hubby!
Day 3: My Immediate Family!
Day 4: My Extended Family!
Day 5: My Friends!
Day 6: My Dogs!

Day 7: My Job!

So, if you had asked me on day 1 if my job would make the list, I can almost promise you the answer was not only no but involved some swear words.  Today, however, I am truly blessed to realize I have a job that pays well, is something I can do very well, and serves a purpose in a sea of fast paced decisions.   I've not been without work the entire time the markets have risen or fallen, taking hordes of people in and out of the unemployment office.  I haven't even suffered a pay cut.

That's blessed!  Even when things have been tight or events happened that have been unexpected, it's all worked out.  The higher medical rates seem to be absorbed and everything is fine - at least I have insurance, a 401K, and a contract for at least another year.  (Federal government contracts don't promise you lengthy employment anymore, it's all performance based.  Apparently, my performance has been pretty good for the last 15 years or so...)

I may not be rolling in the dough or making 6 figures, but I'm certainly not scraping by or going without.  I cannot thank God above more for helping me stay employed, even when it meant moving into positions that weren't the best or having to deal with difficult people.

I've learned humility and patience, but mostly I have been reaffirmed in my work ethic.  Another gift has been, something pointed out to me today, that even though this current position isn't my dream position, it's allowed me a personal life and balance.

Another silver lining!

I am also surrounded by some of the smartest people ever.  It's astounding to me that so many "regular" people can be so brilliant.  They are not only educated, but creative and excited about their work.  It's inspiring!

What are you thankful for today?

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