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The Not Girly Gift Guide Edition

If you checked out the master DIY Gift Guide, you may be among those that thought "those are girly gifts".  This was not my intent, so I've created a list of Not-so-girly gifts.  Check it out!

Not-So-Girly Gift Guide:

This, like the other gift list, is for any time of the year.  The release may help with upcoming holiday shopping, but the intent is to keep it on hand for annual usage.  The ideas in bold can be searched for on Amazon (or the local hardware store in some cases), the rest have links…  A few are DIY ideas…  All of them are great!

Stuff  YOU really want HIM to have:

Guys do it all the time.  They buy you a vacuum or blender or some other “gift” that translates into more work for you down the line.  Either for cleaning, cooking, mending, etc.  Here are some gifts for him that flip the script.  (You may find you want one for yourself!)

Mother’s Power Ball – Seriously, if you want your guy to clean… this is the tool you need!  (Hey, it attaches to a drill and reduces cleaning time tremendously.  Who WOULDN’T want that?)

Gourmet Rosemary Mint Shaving Cream – Men rarely treat themselves to the same level of products we ladies get ourselves.  It’s too much bother to figure out what leaves them with the softest skin or smoothest shave.  They figure out what in the aisle at Target (or wherever) has worked in the past with a smell they don’t hate – and that’s what they will use FOREVER.  However if you give them a taste of the gourmet, I find they love it (My father, brother and now husband have all proven this true time and again!)

Custom Cuff Links – When we got married, finding Chelsea FC cuff links for him was an awesome gift.  He doesn’t get to use them often, but when he does he is so proud of them.  I wish I had found this tutorial then.  I could have made my own or a whole set including his favorite hockey team and (American) football teams.  These even have the great geeky awesomeness of Lego, guitar pick, and other miniature cufflinks.

Skittles Vodka – OK, I admit it.  It’s a throwback to our younger days.  It was great when we were broke and experimental and it’s even better now.  We can (hopefully) afford better vodka now!  A rainbow of flavor… that can liven a party, too.

Torin Floor Jack – Ever watched him work under the car…while it’s propped up on plastic… or not propped up at all… have you ever had that scare where you just knew he was going to get hurt under there.  This jack is for the automotive guy who has a vehicle or hobby with some weight that needs lifting.  Add a Powerbuilt Floor Creeper to this and watch him light up!

Autoscanner Plus – So, if your hubby is like mine – he can do some of the stuff on the car himself.  But the newer the car, the more computer centric it tends to be.  My husband gripes about having to see the mechanic for something he could have done just to get the light turned off the dashboard.  This little tool can avoid a lot of that.

The Man Hanger –  It’s made of rebar.  I dare him to break it…

Great Neck / Irwin Professional Bench Vise – “Hey honey, can you hold this for a second?”  Recognize that request…then find yourself holding something heavy or dangerous while he plays with saws, fire, or the drill?  This bench vise may save you some energy (and sanity) while protecting him from trying to do it all alone.  “Really, I can balance it on the bike and saw that end off, it’ll be fine.”

Zircon Multiscanner i520 Studfinder – How many pictures have to be hung before finding the studs becomes easy?  Apparently just one more… by using this studfinder.  I will admit I’m skeptical (I’ve bought a lot of studfinders, but the reviews are glowing so… it may be worth the try.

Monogrammed Steak Brand – He gets to grill AND show off his personal brand… you get to not cook.  I recommend having one made with your initials as well, because you know… girls grill too. (We just don’t advertise it as much.)

Channellock #89 Rescue Tool – A nice addition to the family vehicle, IMO, is having your own mini escape tool.  It can break auto glass, can be a pry bar, shut of gas mains, etc.  In case of a zombie apocalypse, it’s a must have!

Snowmaster Snow Scoop – Where has this been all my life?!  My father sent me out so many times to shovel snow (because it built character and buying a snow blower wasn’t in my future), but this shovel is a fraction of the cost of a snow blower and moves the snow MUCH faster.  He will probably appreciate it.

Jawbone UP / FitBit Tracker / Etc – These are great and motivational.  If you want to encourage activity over TV, I recommend it.

Stuff  HE needs but doesn’t probably realize yet  (Some are DIY):

Lanyard key holder – They like to clip their keys to their pants / belt / etc. but the clips are rarely long enough to let the item rest in their pocket… where it makes less noise and doesn’t look like a janitor… so now you can give them one that’s long enough to clip to them AND still go in the pocket.  No lost keys, no annoying jingle.  Win. Win.

Bicycle Handlebar Bag – My huband is not a bike rider, but it is very popular in DC so I think this idea is pretty cool.  It’s a DIY bag for their phone, GPS, keys, etc. to make riding easier and the important stuff easy to access.

22 Altoid Tin Tools – Ok, I’m a bit of a geek so I love most of these.  They are seriously cool ideas for things you could maybe buy but would be pretty awesome for you to make as well.

Powerflares LED Flares – Seriously cool and I want some too.  They can even flash in morse code!

Michelin Smart Jumper Cables – (This maybe should be on an anyone list, but I’ll stick to stereotype for the purposes of this post.) These jumper cables automatically figure out the current, you don’t have to match the positive to the right end etc.  No more being afraid in the dark that you’re about to do something super dangerous!

Little Giant Ladder – We have one of these and it’s AWESOME.  I feel it’s much safer than the traditional tall ladders and much more versatile. It folds up nicely and eliminates the need for multiple ladders in the garage.  Light enough that I can even carry it!

Dyson DC25 Upright Ball Vacuum – OK, ok.. I know, so cliché, right?  But we have one of these and my husband loves it.  So much that I have yet to vacuum in the new house.  Even the kids don’t complain because it’s light, fast, and has great suction.  So… you know… maybe the cliché is worth it?

Bon-Aire Original Ultimate Hose Nozzle – Spray, water, powerwash… it does all three.  Cool, right?

Solio Bolt Solar Charger – So no more “My phone died and I had no plug.”  There’s the sun!  Also, a good idea for teenagers.

Toasta Bags – Make sandwich for lunch, put in bag, microwave at work, toasted sandwich = YUM!  Also…keeps the microwave clean (cause we all know who’s cleaning that…)

Stuff HE would probably love, but doesn’t need (and you may regret giving him):

WWII Field Phone as a Bluetooth Handset:  If you have a reenactor or WWII buff in your midst, this would probably make him giddy like a woman receiving Manolos or Choos.  It’s hard to do however, so you may need help.  However, it will be worth it.  It’s a gift you cannot easily buy or replace.  You would be a hero.  Get him a Grenade Screwdriver Detonator Set and it can only get better!  Send it over the top with Dynamite Fire starters (for the camping trip or the home fireplace).

Jack Soap Dispenser:  My husband is a huge fan of Jack Daniels with Coca-Cola.  I think he would be giddy to receive something so whimsical to use on a daily basis (on his sink on his side of the bathroom).  Maybe your guy would too?

Bacon Goodies:  Recipes for Bacon Salt, Bacon Candy and Bacon Jam may not appeal to everyone.  But, from what I can see, every man (save the vegetarians) have a love for bacon.

Scotch Tough Duct Tape – TRANSPARENT :  If he believes Duct Tape can fix anything, this may be his new dream tool.  Transparent duct tape?  Be still my heart…err…his heart… oh who am I kidding, I want some too!

Zombie Survival Tool – Do I really believe there will be a zombie attack?  No.  I’m not insane.  Do I think my guy would still like to be prepared for one …just in case?  Yes.

Magnetic Thinking Putty – Look it up.  I can’t describe it, but yes – most guys would probably play with it.  That sounded dirty…

Lifestraw – Carry it everywhere, allows easy and safe access to clean drinking water by removing 99.9% of all waterborne bacteria and other microscopic critters.  Again..zombie apocalypse. 

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