Tuesday, August 13, 2013

TTC: Big day

Tomorrow we have the test done to find out if the IUI was successful.  I greatly fear the results.  It's very hard to remain hopeful sometimes.  I wish I could just "know" inside and not worry about it - but since my body is determined to betray me at every turn... I am working on regaining my faith.

Lots of prayers and well-wishes would be welcome!

If you're wondering, "What will you do next?"  The answer is, I have no idea.  If this didn't work, MH and I need to discuss how much more money, time and tears we want to put into this phase of things?  Can we afford more intensive help? 

For me personally, I have to decide if this aching desire of my heart is something I'm capable of giving up...

If tomorrow is positive, I also don't know what I will do... I haven't allowed myself to think that way.

This TTC thing is draining!

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