Tuesday, August 13, 2013

From the Ground Up: Floorplans everywhere

Maryland has a number of nodular home builders with floorplans.  I believe I have looked at them all. 


Sadly, about half of them use the same floorplans over and over again.   Boring and lacking any form of unique identity.  I wonder how those builders, in this economy, think they are going to stand out from the competition if they don't have anything special to offer?  It's a basic marketing tenet - have something to sell that the other guy doesn't or have a way of providing a service that's unique.  No one wants "just another chocolate chip cookie", right?

Thankfully, I've discovered some gems in the midst of the rubble and have saved many floorplans to review and decision making.


So many that when I try to go through them with my loving husband, he inevitably gets bored and wanders away either physically or mentally (TV syndrome)... which drives me nuts, but I understand it.  I can visualize each floorplan.

I see the rooms decorated and imagine the flow of traffic.  I can see people over for holidays and parties.  I hear the kids romping up and down the stairs.  I visualize myself cooking in the kitchen.  When I see the measurements, I'm already figuring out where existing furniture would go and what pieces would be gone forever. 

My hubby, on the other hand, sees the basic concept of what's drawn on the paper and not much else.  Which is normal for an analytical mind, after all - I'm the artist, right?  Because of that, each floorplan is not a new adventure into "oooh, what could this place look like" for him - they all start to look the same.  Kitchen?  Check.  Master bedroom with sitting area? Check.  Enough bedrooms for kids?  Check.  Decent porch for grilling?  Check.  2 car garage with workshop or 3 car garage?  Check.  Aaaaand... he's done.

The lesson I'm learning is that I 'm going to need to get the number of choices down to a solid 10.  From roughly 200 to 10. 

I better go - I have work to do!

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