Monday, August 5, 2013

Pursuit of dreams

You're never too old to pursue your dreams.  I watched American Ninja Warrior competitions with my stepson yesterday and saw people in their late 40's doing things I am not sure I can do now!  I saw people who changed their lives sitting behind a computer into a physical momument to determination in fit physiques and perserverance.  Even when they didn't win (and many didn't make it) they left with positive attitudes and the assurance that they would return.

In my 20s I used to think there were time limits on achieving goals.  You have to be married by a certain time, making a certain dollar amount before you hit 30, done all your traveling and crazy attempts at stardom before you're 35...

Well - I married at 37.  I haven't hit the 6 figure salary and I'm 38.  I started traveling on my own at 31 and continue that with my husband today.  And Saturday... I auditioned for a Broadway show.

Now let's be clear, I know there is a needle in haystack chance of my getting a role but it was a good audition - possibly the best musical audition I've ever had - and now my face is officially in someone's casting folder. 

My husband encouraged me to the nth degree to make the attempt, despite our young marriage and current attempts at TTC.  Likewise, I encourage his entry into the Savage Race, Tough Mudder - or anything else he wants to try.

The calendar may say we're too old, or perhaps our preconceived life expectations are saying that, but we're determined that so long as we draw breath - the pursuit of dreams does not have to end.

So for all of you ready to take the leap, as they say in my world "Break legs!"

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