Monday, August 19, 2013

In memory of my father

August 9th marked the 5th anniversay of my father's death.  To say I took losing him unexpectedly at 55 hard is an understatement.  Today I found myself going through some old emails from that year and finding some from him that brought tears, laughter, and finally inner reflection.

I am sharing with you a message he sent in early 2008 as he left one department for another within his agency.  He was moving to Alabama with my mother at the end of August, the movers had been unknowingly scheduled to pack him up a week after the day he died strangely enough.  For my parents it was a point of transition and in that vein, my father was given to wax a bit poetic at times.

Here is his letter:

Life can be characterized as a unique experience (or journey)
that is both simple and complex.  However, the outcome of our experience
depends as much on our past as it does our present, and paves the way
for the future.  We learn from our past experiences,  take notes in the
present, to support our transition into the future.  But the future
never comes because it will always be either the past or the present.

        To embrace our life experiences successfully, requires us to
accept change as we proceed along life's journey.  Acceptance of change
will enhance the transition process of our future life experiences, and
as a result we will always be in a constant state of change.  Change can
be good depending on our acceptance and attitude toward change.  The
challenges we face as a result of change, may very well highlight our
acceptance or attitude toward that change.  As a result, I have become
accustomed to accepting change and, recognize that my departure is a
result of change.

        My tenure in this position was one of life's experiences as a result of
change, and the process was both complex and rewarding.  I've met
several wonderful people along the way who helped make this transition
(or experience) very smooth.  You have contributed greatly to my life
experience for which I will always be grateful.  The bible states that
we "reap what we sow."

Therefore, I hope and pray that I've sown good seeds into your lives
during my tenure here, as much as the good seeds you've sown into my

        It has been noted for quite some time that 2008 promised many
changes, and my transition to my new position will accommodate one of the promised
changes; as well as add to my life experience.  Likewise, I pray that
your 2008 life experience will be bountiful, accommodating and rewarding; all
of which may be both complex and simple.  My hat goes out to everyone
and their life experiences.  May your change transition be very smooth
and may you reap the rewards of the seeds you've sown.


Ulysses (aka Moon)

Reading back on this letter, I realize it could have been written to all of those he left behind in August 2008.  Five years later... and my Dad can still speak to me.

I will love and miss him always - and appreciate his wisdom more every year. 

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