Thursday, July 18, 2013

App Review: All You magazine recommends

I am working on a marriage files post, but I keep getting distracted with stuff like work, kids, husband, unpacking.. you know, minutiae... Just kidding.  I have been distracted by the July 26 copy of All You magazine.  This little $2.99 gem often has hidden goodies but the coupons and savings apps this month are pretty darned awesome!

Here are the ones that I've checked out and really think can be handy:  (I'm not including links because I don't know what kind of toy you have (I got all of these on Google Play though and put them on my Samsung Note II).
  • Grocery IQ:  You scan barcodes on the food you have at home (makes a shopping list!) and it tells you if there is a coupon available. No clipping - it's on your phone!
  • Grocery Pal:  Points you to weekly in-store savings in your area.  Put in your zip code and shop away!
  • Checkpoints:  So, I'm the last to hear about most things and once again - this is a known app - but I will say I'm skeptical when it comes to redeeming the points.  If it's as advertised, then scanning barcodes will net some pretty nice rewards - at no cost to you (or me!)
  • Shopkick: Apparently there is a rewards program with this, but for now the biggest benefit I see is similar to Fancy.  It saves the items you shop for online at variuos stores and when you go to that store, it reminds you of the items you like and wanted to remember.
  • Dining Deals:  Ok, I've installed this but haven't benefitted from it yet.  It shops different deals / coupons at nearby eateries, but I haven't been wowed by the choices.  I live in a fairly suburban area, however, so the food choices can be limited.  I'll check it out next time I am in the city - maybe that will be more of a success.
  • GoodRx:  Seriously - if you have any regular meds you take or have kids who get randomly ill at the drop of the hat, this is great.  We get in the habit of going to the same place and accepting whatever they tell us the price may be.  Sometimes your copay is the lowest price and *surprise* sometimes, it's not!  This app lets you know.
  • Redlaser:  You're in the mall.  You've found a cute pair of shoes that you think is for a great price.  This app lets you know if any other vendor in the area has the same item for less.  I'm cheap frugal enough that this app is my new bestie.

Apps I have yet to try:
  • Decide:  You go to make a major purchase (like a new fridge) and scan the barcode.  The app lets you know (based on markey analysis) if the price could change in the next few weeks with a certain percentage of certainty.  Potentially could save you hundreds if there is likely to be a sale/market change coming up in that industry.  When we start shopping for stuff for the new house, this may come in handy.
  • HotelTonight:  Every day at noon, this app posts discounts of up to 70% off hotels in 54 U.S. locations, Canada, Mexico and Europe.  Name the destination you want that night and find a place to stay for a bargain.  This is something I think could be useful for an impromptu "getaway" for the hubby and I, without going very far.
Not just an app:  Tile

Imagine no more lost keys, phone, purse, dog, anything - you attach a little tile and it gives out a gps signal you can track with your phone or computer.  You log in and know where all your tiles are.  On your phone, it can tell you when you're getting close to a tile if you're searching for something small or moving.  Like kids.

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