Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kane Konversations: Hot Time in the Office

I have to admit, working around military guys, there have been a few I thought were pretty hot.  But that's it.  I thought it, I never acted on it, and I moved on.  Today on the Kane show they were following up on an article earlier in the year because the Supreme Court in Iowa upheld an employer's right to fire someone because "they were too attractive and might cause the boss to be unfaithful".  WHAT?!!

When did the idea of personal responsibility go away?  Who is to say the woman would have even been interested but after 10 years of employment, he decided he could no longer take the temptation and fired her?!  How is that acceptable?

I feel badly for the woman who lost her job and every other employee of that man.  He is a dentist and if he does not respect the value of personal responsibility - then who is to say should a medical incident occur he won't blame some poor hapless staff member?  Ethics, moral responsibility, and the basic rights of this woman to have employment WHEN SHE DID NOTHING WRONG say this case was bogus.

But the Supreme Court of Iowa says I'm wrong.

What has the world come to?

So, let me ask you what Kane asked.  Since apparently 1 out 5 people is attracted to someone in their office, if you worked with someone who was distractingly attractive - would you feel you have the right to not work with them because they tempted you?

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