Monday, December 15, 2014

First Christmas in our new house!

We have been busy!  Getting ready for the holidays has taken us by surprise but we have been working really hard to get it together.  Here are the results.  The new house is MUCH bigger than our previous homes so even though we're not fully unpacked, I had to be creative.  Forgive the poor cell phone photography, but I wanted to share.  The outside pics will come soon, we have a little more to finish there. 

Are you decorating?

We have also been taking care of Christmas presents.  Those stockings by the fireplace are now mostly full!  I am super excited and hope the kids are as well.  We'll be celebrating on Saturday since they will spend the holidays with their mother and DH and I will be in New Orleans!

I will try to take close ups of some of the vignettes later and show the details.  I have raided the dollar section and discount bins over the years and have finally been able to show off some of the pieces all together.

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