Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Master Bedroom: From Storyboard to Reality

So, you'll remember me telling you that I design by using multiple techniques.  First, I figure out what style or look I'm going for, then I pick a color palette, and lastly I pull together a board of images that will create the look I want.

First example:  Master Bedroom

It's going to be our retreat and haven.  (Hey, there are kids in our house - no judging)  Most of our house will include our wedding palette in some form (dark magenta, peacock blue, and pale gold) but there are lots of gray tones, rich plums, champagnes, bronze, rich greens and aged woods as well.  The more powerful colors will be used judiciously, while the overall feel of the house should be soothing comfort and relaxation.

Ok - so ready for the reveal?  Tada!
Now you should know it took me months to pull this together - and even now there's still a mix of ideas on one page that have to be narrowed down - but I don't want to be too exacting unless it's something I am unwilling to negotiate.  Like the tufted wingback bed (check!) or the plum walls (check!).  The bedroom tables I have found are a curious mix of the idea tables.  The rug is, as of yet, undiscovered and the curtains are unmade.  But they will happen!  The nice thing about the board is that it reins me in when I see something shiny that distracts me, but gives me parameters I can wiggle in without compromising anything.  You'll notice the lack of lighting here?
That's a discussion my husband and I are still having.  He really likes having the fan (which I made him move from downstairs and it took a lot of work) in the bedroom.  I personally don't need it.  I want a chandelier.  The light will hang over the end of the bed.
We'll see, but in the interim - what do you think?  My goal is to have this room mostly together by the end of November.  However because I'm cheap unwilling to waste a dollar, I keep looking for the best deals that fit my vision!  I can't wait to take pictures of the final product for you.

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