Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Design Files: The Girls' New Room

I have two beautiful stepdaughters that live with us at various times throughout the year.  Until we get our new house designed and built, we are renting a townhouse that unfortunately leaves them sharing a room.  A very small room!
Now, the eldest – Sava, is turning 12 in August and is already about a year into that teen transformation.  (You know the one where every other minute they are being too big for their britches or crying and acting too young for their age – no happy medium.)  She gets frustrated and yells easily these days, so she will need some space that she feels is her own.
The youngest – Bean, is 10 and likes to mimic her older brother and sister.  Meaning she recently started saying things she shouldn’t and generally getting on her siblings’ nerves.  Most of the time she’s the loveable kid who wants a hug and to play with her dolls and the dog.  She too will need her space.
Since I haven't measured yet (we get the keys tonight) I have to go on memory and guestimation:  I think the room is a 10’ by 10’ square, which two twin beds won’t fit comfortably in the normal layout.  So onto the plan!
First Part:  The Loft Bed
Ikea’s Tromsö Loft frame will work for the pre-teen.  Ideally, I will shorten the frame by about 6 inches, making it only 58 inches off the ground.  Still high enough for the other bed to be placed in L formation under the bed, but close enough to the ground she won’t feel like she can fall far.   I will be attaching some form of a small table / ledge for her somewhere.  She likes to read and often keeps a glass of water by her bedside.   Additionally, I would like to use a clip desk lamp up there to give her light she can control at night.  Lastly, instead of the standard ladder, I think using the Trofast step shelving as steps up for her.  The additional storage will be useful.
Second Part:  Under the loft will be their toy storage with the other twin bed placed perpendicular to the loft.  This will free up some floor space for the girls.  The only other furniture will be their dresser and possibly some shelving, unless I can make the space under the loft work for all the toys and books.  If so I can add a couple chairs and maybe a little table?  Hopefully by searching on Craigslist, I can find some gems to give them seating as well. 
For Bean, I want to add some filmy curtains to the bottom of the loft so her bed and play area are visually more separate.   For Sava, we will get some pictures she likes and frame them in simple frames over her bed. 
Simple, useful, and hopefully easily accomplished!  Have any ideas or suggestions?  I'm open to anything right now, this is just a starting point to give them a more functional and personal space.

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