Monday, June 10, 2013

TTC: Potty watch

When you were a toddler, your parents spent a lot of time looking in the toilet after you and praising you for whatever they found there.  Even if you went and did nothing, making the effort counted. 

As you got older, until you hit puberty as a female, you never really gave what happened in the bathroom much extra thought.  Boys would exclaim over interesting finds to gross out everyone around them, but girls generally had it easy until puberty.  Then going to the bathroom was, once a month, dreaded and unpleasant.

Fast forward to your early adulthood and it's all "old habit".  You don't really pay much attention anymore.

Then you suddenly hit the age when you're trying to conceive.

Suddenly you're like the parent of the toddler, studying every movement in the loo.  You become an expert on cycles to the point that you're faily sure you could teach your OB/GYN a thing or two.  You scare your spouse with facts they never wanted to know.  You actually have started to annoy yourself.

That's all part of the TTC journey.

So much of this has been stepping outside of my comfort zone.  I was raised to "be a lady" at all times.  Certain things are never discussed aloud - ever.  With anyone.  So this series of "no privacy, invasive procedures and questions" has been a challenge. 

The nice thing is that it's freeing.  You begin to realize how silly and unimportant some things are, while other restrictions are reinforced in my mind. Somethings are personal and SHOULD be unless you and your doctor NEED to discuss them.

The stuff in the bathroom, however, is not.  At least judging by the multitude of online testimonials I've read - and trust me, I've read a lot!

PS:  As a total non-sequitur: I am reminded of the debate I used to have with a friend in college:  Charmin or Kleenex brand toilet paper?

(Kleenex brand obviously - less butt fuzz!)

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