Friday, June 7, 2013

Discover This!

Five  Seven new sites I found today:

1.  - This link will send you to a page on non-alcoholic summer drinks - but the main page is full of amazing topics you will be thrilled to learn about.

2. - This link will take you to my future next pet if I can talk my hubby into it.  The main page will lead you down a delightful rabbithole of truly "neat" things.  And by neat it can range from "that's amazing" to "that's weird".

3. - To be fair, I didn't just discover this today.  I rediscovered how much I love the design inspirations and thoughtful ideas on it.

4. - Not sure how to describe the stuff that will make you want to eat, shop and redesign parts of your life all at the same time - see for yourself!

5.  The Setup - We learn from those who have forged the trails before us much of the time.  Current day people who will be future inspiration are interviewed here.  It's fascinating to read how people get stuff done!

6.  Inhabitat - Not a new discovery either, but it's wonderful!  Beauty that can save the world!

7.  Stuff you never knew you wanted is what is all about.  I think it's supposed to be for men.  I like it!

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