Wednesday, June 19, 2013

App Review: Flipboard and Fancy

Recently I downloaded a bunch of apps because I was bored.  (Home sick)  Usually when this happens, only one of the many downloads turns out to be worth the effort.  This time, all the apps have been pretty intriguing.

The first app I'd like to review is Flipboard

Now if you've heard of this app, great!  You already know how nifty it is.  Yes, I said nifty!  The signup is quick and painless.  You pick categories you're interested in including any social media you follow / participate in regularly.  Now, I Facebook but I'm not a Twitter girl (yet), so it was really nice to have a single place to check out the news, see the latest FB post, check out a design topic, etc.  If you open FB in Flipboard, even your news is in the flipboard layout.  I really liked it, personally.  There is even an option at the end to add additional areas of interest.  For me, I plan to add Houzz and Pinterest.  I have their solo apps, but I like the idea of not having to go into a separate app.  The UI is intuitive and seamless.

I give Flipboard two thumbs up!

The second app I have come to spend a ridiculous amount of time on is Fancy.
I spend a large amount of time fancy'ing things.  Things I can't afford and will likely never buy.  Things I will look for at every store I visit, because I now consider them must haves.  Things I will lust after and pray someone buys me for a present one day.  It's the best kind of window shopping that results in a virtual bucket list of "I want that" items.  Harmless so long as you aren't charge happy - which thankfully, I am not.  There are deals and discounts popping up in my email regularly because of the things I fancy, so if I do ever decide to actually buy something - I can probably get it for a decent deal.  SCORE for the frugal girl with high end tastes.  Also - DIY ideas abound.  ABOUND I tell you...

I fancy this app - a lot!  Two thumbs up...

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