Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hello 2008!

It's a new year folks. 2008. Wow, isn't it exciting?

OK, I can't pretend anymore. Maybe it's hitting my 30s or something, but each new year seems less exciting than the last. I've got a good job, almost no debt, the best dog ever, good friends, a great family and reasonably decent health. I have no complaints. I travel, enjoy various hobbies and in general enjoy my life.

So... each new year is, eh.. another year. Maybe I need to take my own advice and update my goals list. I've achieved most of mine (save the marriage and kids, but hey that's not a solo production) and find myself... bored.

Bored at 32. That's frankly, pathetic. So, I'm going to institute some new goals and a change of attitude. I don't do resolutions because those are like white lies you tell yourself and you should always be honest with yourself. Lie to other people if you feel the need, but never lie to yourself. So, resolutions - out.

New goals for then next five years - much more plausible.

1. Go back to school. I'm considering culinary school because I am entertaining the idea of becoming a pastry chef. I have the aptitude for it as a layman, with a little training I would be phenomenal.

2. Travel and learn a new language / improve an old language. I think it's time for my Japanese to become fluent. That may take a while based on my current command of the language. I also have a vague desire to learn Gaelic. We'll see about that.

3. Redo my entire wardrobe and house decor. Maybe my boredom comes from being too comfortable in the things I've had for literally a decade. I need to evaluate and make a plan.

4. Stop just paying for that Bally's membership and use it. My brain is sharp but the rest of the muscles in my body are probably atrophying. It's time to invest in myself physically.

5. Expose myself to new groups of people. I've become the cliche. "Can't teach an old dog new tricks." Not that I'm an old dog, and I can learn new things - but not if I keep going to the same places with the same people.

5 goals for 5 years. Seems reasonable. I feel better having made the list. In fact, now I have work to do. Hey, 2008 is looking up already!

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