Monday, October 1, 2007

I'm not dead - yet.

So, despite the lack of comments on here according to my private emails - there are a couple people who actually read this little nothing blog. Thanks!

I'm not dead. I'm just busy and due to lack of sleep, feel like I'm dead. Not that I necessarily know what dead feels like but if it's an achy, irritable, I just want to lie down and left alone for a few freaking minutes type of feeling... well, then, that's where I am.

If it's a still, dry, decaying, my soul has departed for better places type of feeling then... maybe I'm exaggerating.

Either way, I haven't been here. I think I have a lot to post about, but no time at the moment to post about it.

Kind of like vacations...or bills... Does that make sense to anyone but me?

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