Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wanted: New Neighbors - UPDATE included

So, I put up with your three miniature shetland ponies you call children romping overhead at all hours. Most of the time, I don't even say anything (except when I have a migraine or am sleeping). My roommate endures your loud television over her bedroom at 5am. We're nice that way.

So, this morning I'm not amused to have water running down my bathroom wall, peeling away the paint and dripping into the hallway through the doorframe. Luckily, the cat staring at the dripping gave me a heads-up before I walked into the full mess.

Now, I know you told the maintenance guy that "you just got the water down in the tub because it was backing up", because I heard you say it.


I heard the water running full-blast for at least twenty minutes after I woke up. I thought you were taking a shower, NOT RUNNING A BATH. God knows how long it ran before I got up for work, but what kind of moron starts running a bath and doesn't notice it for so long that it leaks through the floor to the apartment below?

Of course, these are just the people upstairs. We're not discussing the two "brothers" who live in the building next to us that play the bass in their stereo loud enough to shake, rattle and roll the deaf into the new year.

Who raises people to live like this when others are so obviously affected by their stupid actions?


They have moved out. Who says prayer doesn't change things? The guys next door finally went when the roommates got tired of the police showing up for noise complaints. They left in the night, we don't know when. Kinda too bad, we like some of them.

Sunday I noticed the upstairs neighbors taking lots of small items and packing it in their cars. So I deviously asked if they were having a garage sale or something, but no... they were packing. The next morning, my car was blocked in by a huge moving van.

I wasn't upset though. Instead I did the happy dance on one leg. I'll be late for work if it means you're leaving.

Don't get me wrong, they are nice people. They are just loud heavy-walkers with little consideration for others. And they call themselves Southerners.

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