Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hiatus: Over!

Hi guys, I had to take an unexpected break from blogging.  There are multitude of reasons but they all sum up to "mental refreshment break".  There were too many balls in the air and trying to produce productive blog posts while being scattered is much harder than it seems.

I hope you all enjoyed your MLK holiday break and are equally enjoying the stupid weather.  I know I am. /sarcasm

At any rate, in case I haven't mentioned it, I am in a production here in MD called "I hate Hamlet".  We're coming into the end of the rehearsal period and gearing up for what's looking like a very funny show.  If you're in the Bowie, MD area - come see it!

This week was additionally stressful because I had some followup on the TTC front and I'm super nervous about the results.  All the changes to be more healthy are for me, but they are slow going.  I am hoping that when we officially begin trying again things are quickly and wholly successful, so finding out there is a problem now scares me. 

All that aside, I will say I'm pretty pleased with the changes in my life.  The only thing I realized today was that you can still have too many calories going in even if they are healthy calories.  I am working on managing that issue.  I didn't realize I was drinking so many calories throughout the day!Are any of you taking the 21 day challenge with me?  Tomorrow will be the 2 week check-in post.  Let's see who is still playing from home.  I'll also be sharing some tips and tricks I've accumulated over the past 14 days.

Oh! I almost forgot!  Monday I started on my master bedroom project.  I had to stop halfway through (I hurt my back) but the small progress I've already made is amazing!  My goal this weekend will be to get through the second portion of the "Keep - Toss" section before moving into the organization of what's left.  Then I will tackle the closet and bathroom respectively. 

By Spring, it will be clean.  (Hopefully sooner as I have a ton of other projects I'd like to tackle as well!)  The next step will be finishing the garage (which may happen first if the weather keeps being naughty) and then painting the few areas that haven't yet been painted.

Whew - I'm worn out already!  But it's good and I hope you'll enjoy the 2015 ride with me.

Happy Thursday!

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