Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Teaser

So next week I am going to have a few additional posts that I think people will find useful. 

One is for the men in your life and some potential gift ideas.  This isn't aimed at the uncoming holidays but keeping a secret squirrel list of potential gifts year round.  Men are hard to shop for sometimes.

Another is a recap of tricks to staying on budget and organizing your shopping for the holidays.  Did anyone use the chart from earlier this year?

There will be some recipes thrown in and some design files I'm giving to you for free.

Again, they aren't "holiday" related, but things you can use year round.  There's enough "seasonal" being shoved down your throat, right?  I plan to acknowledge the useful tips that can be applied to life in general and leave the "Holly Jolly" pieces to others.

Have a fabulous weekend!

PS:  NaNoWriMo Quick Update - I broke 25,000 words but I'm struggling a bit.  I hope to actually make the 50,000 word goal this year, but even if I don't.  The challenge has been good for my brain.  Are you trying it?

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