Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Progress Report: We have a bed!

We bought a bed months ago that has leaned against the wall because the closet system and boxes we needed to unpack into the closet were in the way.  The closet system is 90 percent complete and most of the boxes have been unpacked into it.  Last night we put together the gorgeous gray velvet wingback bed.  Well, mostly.

There were a few moments of griping and groaning along with stupid instructions that conflict.  We also opted to skip the very last step (mostly because we could not get the stupid supplied bolt to actually work) and decided the bed was sturdy enough. 

After a wonderful night's sleep, I find myself invigorated and want to work on the next project.  Which one... which one....

Who knows?  Who cares!  It's just really awesome to see things coming together in our bedroom.


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