Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Creative Inspiration: In the cupboard...

So, when I have a lot to do around the house (like finish unpacking and finding my Uggs), I like to distract myself with creative inspirations.  (We're going to pretend I purposefully distract myself and it's not my inability to focus when stressed.  Avoidance?  Me?  Never.)

Today's inspiration comes from the cheapest store ever: What is already in your home.

Specifically I find myself intrigued by aluminum foil, parchment paper and waxed paper.  I have two light fixtures to adjust in my family room.  (I have 3 already purchased to install - no four - but have been taking my time about it.  Why?  I have no idea.  Also, I have two of the same chandelier, but can't find my receipts to figure out why I would be so stupid as to buy two of the same thing.)

I also have some furniture pieces I need to finish and start using.  (Hello, bedside table and dish cupboard, yeah - I'm looking at you.) 

So here are some really cool things I've found while procrastinating ...err, researching.

Aluminum Foil
Antiqued Foil Monograms

Backsplash! This honestly may replace my vintage mirror backsplash idea for the kitchen. This with a little aging from the Masters collection could be stunning!

Parchment Paper
  Shoji Lamp  (For that matter, you could use a similar technique to make your own shoji screens!)
A floral centerpiece

Waxed Paper

 Capiz Chandelier
Have a metal shower rod?  Rub it with waxed paper and the rings will be soundless on it!
OK, back to ..researching... more to follow...

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