Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Windows: Dressing the room

Sometimes the simplest of things can make a room and windows truly can change everything.  From the amount of light they let in to what you put over them for privacy.  Layers are the key, in my opinion, to having a well dressed window.  Usually you need one layer for privacy and another for controlling the light during the various seasons.  Sometimes you can get a single layer to do double duty, but layers allow much more flexibility. 
I have a large amount of windows in my new house.  Many of them are oversized windows to make it more interesting.  By my rough count, there are 30 windows.  Now, thankfully, they all currently have blinds on them.  The sunroom has lovely wooden slat blinds, which will remain, but everywhere else has those horrible slat plastic or metal blinds… I hate them.

Mind you, right now they serve a purpose, but they are just so… bleh.

I have been collecting DIY window treatments that won’t kill me (or our bank account) since buying drapes for all those windows would cost literally THOUSANDS (OK, admittedly this may be because my tastes are super specific and eclectic - and if you ask my hubby, expensive).  The kids rooms will be done last as they have basic drapes with their blinds for now and it seems to be working for them.  Here is my list of the smartest and financially savvy window treatments I have found:
 DIY Roman shades
These shades paired with the right curtains or sheers could make a gorgeous statement.  I especially love the idea of using something textured (like cheap drop cloths or burlap) with something soft and flowy.  Perhaps even something lush if you have the budget to get some straight velvet panels to pair with a sheer or lacy roman shade?  The possibilities overrun....
Speaking of drop cloths, what about this?
Painted Dropcloth Curtains 
You could pair this with the roman shades and instead of doing full curtains, change them into stenciled panels. (Unless you're going to fully close your curtains, need the lushness of the fabric in the room, or are stretching the curtains along the wall as well - panels are a much more economical way to get the look of curtains without paying for unnecessary and unused fabric, IMO.)
Speaking of stretching the curtains along a wall or if you, like me, have oversized windows; let's talk about DIY curtain rods.  Buying them from the store is pretty pricey, but with a little creativity, you can do a lot yourself.
You can DIY finials by buying the unfinished wood ones at Lowes or Home Depot.  You can buy large drawer knobs or use vintage door knobs.  You could take to the craft store and make your own from clay.  Fit pingpong balls on the end and spray paint them to match the rod.  Not interested in DIYing or creating a crafty finial?  I recommend checking out Amazon and Etsy for some creative possibilities or if you have a local architectural salvage shop, see what vintage knobs they have lying about.
Back to curtain ideas...What about these beauties?  It's hard to believe they are DIY!
Anthropologie Knock-Offs 

Sharpie Creativity
Bedsheet curtains 
Ombre Chevron Curtains - gorgeous! 

Here is a whole host of no-sew window covering ideas! 
Need something simpler?  Try this! 

But for me and my French leanings, these panels have stolen my heart.  I will find a way and place for them! 
Is your head whirling with ideas?  I can totally understand.  Hopefully you're not overwhelmed or intimidated.  For those of you who don't sew, here's a link to a lovely set of tutorials that might make you more willing to take on some of these projects.  I'll be sure to let you know when I start dressing my rooms!
By the way, I'll be back with some affordable fabric sites and ideas in the near future, but I think this is plenty for today.  Oh and just so you have it in your head - one I'm not brave enough to try (yet):

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