Friday, September 26, 2014

Fortunately, the next day... we got a LOT accomplished!

So I was upset about the leak and the damage in the dining room.  (When I say was, I mean I still am but I'm not dwelling on the upset.  Nothing I can do to magically fix it, so dealing with it is the best way forward.)  However, in preparation for getting it looked at - the hubby and I got a lot done on the house last night.

We put half the study stuff actually IN the study.  We rearranged the dining room.  We figured out that some of the stuff in the dining room belonged in other rooms. 

On a roll, we went upstairs and almost finished the master closet install.  I'll have pictures in a week or so of the before and after.  I'm pretty thrilled about it!

So on the heels of disaster, once again, we got a fabulous silver lining - Progress.

Also, I got a call from the insurance company yesterday telling me a check will be coming to settle my claim from the accident in July.  Talk about God-timing, right?  Today is a good day!

The post that was supposed to happen yesterday is almost done, so stay tuned!


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