Monday, September 9, 2013

World Market

One of my favorite places to shop is World Market.  If you're unfamiliar with the store and their policies, I recommend checking them out.  The name, World Market, is a little misleading as it implies they can be found everywhere when in fact they are in select locations.  There is a large abundance of world influence on everything from the food to the furniture.

The prices range from expensive to dirt cheap and you can find a little of everything there.  Recently, I have begun collecting pieces for the new house.  Nothing big, but some of the little additions needed to bring a room together.

On Labor Day, World Market celebrated the whole weekend.  They took items already on clearance and marked them down another 50%.  There were so many good items, but here's what I came away with:

Barbeque shelf:  My husband has recently taken up grilling.  As such his oversized utensils were in the way and difficult to store.  When I saw this little shelf for $12.50 I had to have it.  Now I want to add some screen doors to it and it will be perfect!

Bar stools:  The plan is for us to have a sit at bar.  Since I have this french mod-country motif playing in my head - I wanted some solid wood stools I could weather with chalk paint and this is what I found!  I bought two for $22.50 each!  I want to stencil a fleur de lis on each of them and then weather them a bit!

Flour sack / linen pillows:  The last thing I found were these great accent pillows (for the new couches we will get) for $7.25 each.  Gorgeous and well priced!

These are just a few of the finds I grabbed.  There were some great pantry items (Hello Honey cookies we missed after France!) and odds and ends.  I suggest checking out the latest sale near you!

PS:  I have a drafting table (solid wood) from World Market that has lasted for many years and several moves with no problems at all.  We're talking quality workmanship on the furniture!

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