Friday, September 27, 2013

Posting for a friend: The 3-Day is coming!!

Normally I wouldn't use my blog for "advertising" but since this is a cause I support wholeheartedly, I'm posting the following letter from a dear friend.

Dear family and friends, 

I can’t believe over 5 months have passed since I sent my original fundraising letter. I find it even more difficult to believe that it is less than 2 weeks until the 2013 Washington DC 3-Day event. I want to thank all of you that have already contributed and apologize for not keeping everyone updated on my progress.

In the message I sent earlier this year I indicated that I would be walking in San Diego in addition to DC. Due to some health concerns I decided it was best for me to withdrawl from that event. I’ll still be in San Diego to cheer on the walkers, but I have been concentrating my fundraising efforts on the DC event.

As many of you know, last year I was the top individual fundraiser in the DC event. Currently I’m holding the top position again, but I have some very aggressive fundraisers hot on my heels. Since this is the last year the event will take place in DC, I’d love to try to remain in that honored position. This year I’ve raised $17,491, but I’m only 72% of the way to my personal goal of $24,000. With no more planned fundraisers before the event, I turn to you, my family and friends, to help me reach my goal and get us closer to a CURE!!

Far too often I hear news of another mother, sister, daughter, wife, aunt, or friend that received the dreaded diagnoses of breast cancer. Please take a moment to consider how you would feel if one of those new cases was YOUR mother, sister, daughter, wife, aunt or friends. It doesn’t have to be. I believe that we will find a cure in my lifetime.

Making a donation is simple. Please visit my 3-Day page ( Once you reach my personal fundraising page, click the button on the top left hand side of the page that reads, "Click to donate to Debbi in 2013." If you don’t wish to donate online, you can download and print a donation form from that page that you can mail in with your donation.



To make a donation:

We walk because we must. We are strong because the journey demands it. Together in body and united in spirit, we lay down our footsteps for this generation and the next. This is our promise: a world without breast cancer!

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