Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Book Review: Mortal Instruments Series

There is a movie in the theaters called "City of Bones" based on book 1 of the Mortal Instruments book series by Cassandra Clare.  This series is listed as young adult.  First, I will tell you that until the latter books - it's pretty good for most young adult readers.  The subjects of love, attraction and sex between the noted teenage protagonists is handled without crossing that very fine line.  There is a strong backbone dealing with honesty, morality, and basic understanding of who actually makes up your family throughout the entire series.  If you get nothing else from this storyline, it's that your choices have consequences and those consequences affect more than just you. 

I've actually read all 5 books.  Some people groan and say, "Another 'Twilight-esque' tween book" (and by some people, I mean my husband) but to be completely honest - there's a depth of characters along with a truly different take and twist on not only the paranormal but angels and demons and good / evil in general.  Depending on your depth of knowledge of religious history, there is enough "truth" in the pudding to help draw you into the world they are exposing - not creating but rather attempting to assert a different view on the place you already live.

The main character, a teenage girl named Clarissa, is (initially) all things entitled current-day teenager.  She's easy to dislike.  Her strength of character begins to show with her personal relationships.  You can see the adult she will become - and that is a person you can like.  Strangely enough, for me, the character I find I like the most is one that initally is peripheral in nature.  He goes from being the awkward nerd with a huge crush on a girl who does NOT return his feelings to the most stable, dependable backbone in an everchanging environment. 

If you don't get wrapped up in the fledgling romances (which are the only parts, IMO, that are strictly for the teen audiences), you will be immersed in the depths of the world and character Ms. Clare builds.  I personally find the romantic piece distracting from the good parts of the storyline. 

Now, I've seen the movie - and I have to tell you.  It's lackluster compared to the books.  Enjoyable in the sense of a decent storyline (I hate when they make changes for the big screen that don't follow the book - especially in a series), acceptable acting, and lastly - great production values.  

I just find my imagination and the details the author gives you in the storyline are so much richer and exciting than what Hollywood was able to produce.

This is just my opinion of course but: Read the books!

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