Thursday, July 25, 2013

App Review: Duolingo

This is actually more than an app review.  I hadn't planned to write a review, but it's something I recently started using more and more.

I speak a few languages, but like anything - if you don't use it, you lose it.  The refinement on my skills has been whittled away and I'd like to correct that.  I stumbled upon Duolingo and decided to give it a try - after all it's free, right?

Turns out they have a pretty great product!  While the initial stages are pretty easy if you're fluent in the language, the methodology of immediately working your vocabulary, sentence structure and conjugation skills simultaneously is brilliant.  No rote memorization but real utilization of the language.

I decided to try a language I was less fluent in and it's actually helping me learn the language better.  My next trial will be a language with which I have zero familiarity so I can see what it's like as a teaching / learning tool for a novice.

I recommend you give it a try and faster than you imagined, you'll have another language to use, abuse, and expand your life!

Oh - and I know it says app up there... Guess what, there is a companion app available to take with you so if you can't log in daily to work your brain at the computer, you can sign into your account on the go and continue your success.

I am not entirely certain why it's free (I'll admit, I didn't delve too deeply into this) but it's totally worth it!  And don't think it's only for the native english speaker - it's not!  What a great resource for someone of any nationality to learn a new language.

Bonne Chance!

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