Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marriage Files #101

Me: (on the phone)  Hey, how did things go?
Him:  Fine, we're on our way back to the house now.
Me:  Good, I'm sure the kids are fried.
Him:  Yeah, I'll probably just order a pizza or something...
Me: (long pause)  I bought all that food for the kids for the weekend, remember?  There's chickent strips, hotdogs, and such in the freezer and fridge.  Most of it can be popped in the microwave.
Him:  Oh, I didn't know that.
Me: (longer pause)  So, you know two days ago when I was talking out loud to myself in your general direction and you were nodding and responding like you were listening?  That's when I told you that I went to the grocery store and bought all the food you would need for the weekend while I was gone.
Him: I don't remember that, but that's great - I'll get something from the fridge then.

So, I find that I talk out loud to myself a lot... in the general direction of my loving husband... who I think is listening... only to discover that I was talking out loud to myself after all.

I am told by many other wives, this is normal.

Good to know we're normal.

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