Friday, February 8, 2013

Chopping Block Recipe #2

Let me begin by saying, the salad was still tasty and we cleaned our bowls.  Now then, lessons learned:  Don't dress the salads when you chop them unless you are eating them that night.  Chopping ahead - smart.  Dressing ahead - soggy.  However we added in some crushed chips and taco sauce and that was wonderful!

If you haven't guessed, it was Southwestern(ish) salad night!  Also, a quick correction - the premade salad bases are actually 615 calories total.  Apparently one of those bowls is meant to serve 5!  Are they kidding?!  Two maybe, but 5??  At any rate, I'm still not upset about a salad that even with the additions totals between 300 to 400 calories per person.  Remember, not using the cream-based dressings - or using only a small amount for the entire salad is a loss of many of the calories.  Replacing their dressing with something healthier is always a better choice and will keep those calorie counts down around 300.

Southwestern(ish) Chopped Chicken Salad

Started with Marketside Southwestern Salad
Add 1 cup arugula
green portion only of green onion (Save the bulb!)
2 Taco Sauce packets (Taco Bell!)
1 tsp habenero pineapple sauce (from Costco)
Crushed fresh chips (Taco Bell - 47 cents for a little bag)

Now, things I would add for next time - more chicken, or just make my own altogether.  More tomatoes! (Or salsa, but we were out...)  More corn!  Some chopped chipotle peppers.

Chop greenery and chips, toss in bowl, add wet ingredients, toss some more... salt and pepper, then eat!

Now since having a cerveza with this counterbalances the benefits of the salad, we recommend Crystal Lights new liquid water flavor drops - this round, Southern Iced Tea!


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