Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Color as a Signature

We are a visual society when it comes to making a first impression.  As much as we may say, "Don't judge a book by it's cover" or "People by how they appear", it's something we all do.  First date, job interview, person walking past our house / children / other valuables - we all tend to make our initial judgement based on what we see.  There is a tendency to overlook auditory clues or to forget written notes, but even if you don't remember all the details or with accuracy - visual first impressions can be lasting. 

Color plays a large amount into what that impression actually conveys.  Choosing an identity is as an individual, group or business is challenging because every choice conveys a message that can either help or ruin.  From the mascot to the company colors, you're speaking to your audience.  When you dress, your clothing is telling a lot about you as a person and your mood that day.  Even your home environment is greatly affected by the colors with which you choose to be surrounded.  What you smell, hear and touch count as well, but in today's topic - the eyes have it. 

Here's a little quick guide to give you something to consider when decorating, dressing or creating a corporate communication.  (If the picture doesn't show well, try downloading the full image and opening it on your computer - I'm still working out the bugs in attaching the image at it's real size!)

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