Thursday, March 27, 2014

Cool House Design Idea #1: Hidden Doorways and Passages

I love old houses.  I like the idea of hidden rooms and secret passages.  (Spider and spector free, thank you very much) 

Mostly I like the cleverness of it all.

Recently there's been a return to some of these things, mostly for hiding storage areas and the like - but they are worth mentioning.  Check out these pictures!

There are a number of sellers of hidden doors, cabinets, etc. Here are a few I have bookmarked (because I am planning to put one in somewhere if it kills me... or my hubby :)

They also have vendors that make stairs that lift and more. Here's a couple links to some crazy inventive passageway ideas:

You may never need a hiding place, like Anne Frank, but it sure wouldn't hurt to be prepared, right?

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